Saturday, October 15, 2011

Jada Toys Die Cast Models

For those wanting Fun FD3s replicas, Jada has a lot to offer.  The initial release 1/18 scale die cast cars were based on C-west RX7s

Import Racer DRFT version featured Bronze TE37 wheels and a scoot style hood and other parts to swap.
Import Racer ORC version featured chrome TE37s and a more common hood along with other bit's and pieces. I personally swapped these parts over easily enough.

The Option D series were awesome crazy widebody cars with semi scale features. Real Toys!
Another one was sold too and I collected a lot to get the parts combo's I wanted.
The Work Wheels version with Miester S1 was very cool as it came mounted on a corner with some cones.

I later turned this into a Pan Speed Replica.

For me the Inital D Fd3s was a favourite. The inclusion of figures and it made a good base for modification. but it didn't have the deep wheels or brakes and the interior was more stock looking. I lightly modded Mazdaspeed Type 1 style lip was included, but when you start to swap parts, they come alive.

Do Luck Double Six Wheels and a KS bonnet... looks good.

It also had the display corner common to Option D models and some figures!!! Awesome.

I scored a bunch of these cheap and started to modify them all.

Would the real Ryosuke please Stand Up!

1/24 and 1/64 were also cool and were based on the Veilside or CWest designs, but were definitely not scale. the wheels were huge and the stance unbelievable, but a visual feast none the less. and type in RX-7 you'll find my whole collection along with some skylines and AE86s.


You can see my Pan Speed replica and RE-Xtreme replica on the site.. in the 1/18 section

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