Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Hot Wheels Turbo Streak

1982 Turbo streak repainted and neglected. Sometimes childhood pops in an old box in the shed.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Tokyo Auto Salon 2012 - Shakotan Jam

By night, at new year there are always gatherings all over japan as the remnants of the Shakotan and Kaido racers hit the streets.

Style and creativity is something that these car lovers display regularly.

Sometimes they meet out side Tuning Shop Tetsu.

Testsu specialize in all old school mods to create a special Shakotan ride.

Old school Z, Celica, Skyline and Savanna. Names we love like Cressida and Laurel also feature.

Here is the mechanic hard at work on a special S30 Z.

Hard at work on the mirror placement. Apprentices are taking a break as the work nears completion

Work on their own cars finished hours ago with test drives also complete.

Retired specials sit in the showroom. (Remember these are so small. this image is actually twice normal size.)

In the back room he has another in the build.

Screaming past the showroom this Savanna RX-3 sprints to the PA.

The other guys are ready to roll as the sky gets light.

Fill up and roll! Let's go to the PA.

By the time they arrive, dawn has broken!

The guys have been having fun in their sweet rides.

Rodenstock inspired 99 rocking out.

Ichikoh Nissan. ready for some sill riding.

Something for everyone.

Kaido, Shark nose or simply flared. However extreme, this Shakotam Jam at G-Works PA was awesome!

If you want to make your own. You need some cars and some Putty. I have a few of these RA-30 in my collection that I'll post soon, but I'll be adding to it. Tamiya Epoxy and some time.

  1. Disassemble and Paint Removal
  2. Fender grinding for clearance.
  3. Putty Fender Addition
  4. Basic shaping
  5. Detail shaping
  6. Body lines
  7. Special details.
  8. Paint.
If you build this many, you may need some donor cars and you'll end up with some spare parts.


Monday, November 28, 2011

Jada - FooBoy Replica

There was a time in Australia when the coolest RX-7s were the simplest. Reliable modifications and stock body with Mazdaspeed parts reigned.

Aaron Foo's FD was one such car. Well known in the rotary scene for minimal coolness. As Aaron and I became friends, I eventually made a replica for him.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Jada Toys Die Cast Models

For those wanting Fun FD3s replicas, Jada has a lot to offer.  The initial release 1/18 scale die cast cars were based on C-west RX7s

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Die Cast Vs PLA Model

Head to head. Lets look at the 1/24 Vertex T&E D1 Apexi and the Hotworks D1 Apexi Diecast car.

Hotworks die cast offers indestructibility and some cool things like engine and opening bonnet as you'd expect from DC stuff. The ability to change ride height, camber and wheel offset is also cool.

I guess PLA models off the ability to be more creative. The end result is delicate and the Aoshima body is very similar to the hot works design. Front bumper is a little different and the mirrors are probably more scale on the PLA version. Both have the Vertex rear bumper also, but I chose to omit this.

There's more detail like seatbelts in the DC version too but interiors are quite similar.

Original wheels were gram lights 57Pro in both, the HW versions are bigger (about 18") but Aoshima versions are shallow dish and not so attractive in a smaller single size.

So take your pick, I chose both. HAHA.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011