Monday, November 28, 2011

Jada - FooBoy Replica

There was a time in Australia when the coolest RX-7s were the simplest. Reliable modifications and stock body with Mazdaspeed parts reigned.

Aaron Foo's FD was one such car. Well known in the rotary scene for minimal coolness. As Aaron and I became friends, I eventually made a replica for him.

I went a bit further and replicated Myself and Aaron in 1:18 also. The result was quite special. Jada Initial D cars came with Keisuke and Takumi figures that I resculpted into life like replicas of Aaron (Left) and myself (making those glasses was terrible.)

The source was a Jada Toys 1:18 scale FD3s Initial D FD. I modified it to look stock bodied with a new lip spoiler and created a mazdaspeed bonnet, although Jada dimensions ensure stock is only a rough estimate.

Large scale like this is excelled for details. Working in Metal is good and bad, but if you put in the effort, it will usually turn out better. The result is strong and easily displayed as a lasting memory.

Just lucky that these Veilside Andrew rims look like MS-01 after painting.

Jada rims are huge and they tuck nicely onto the modified chassis

 Brake and interior details complete this model.

If only real FD were this cheap and easy to modify.

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