Saturday, August 27, 2011

Die Cast Vs PLA Model

Head to head. Lets look at the 1/24 Vertex T&E D1 Apexi and the Hotworks D1 Apexi Diecast car.

Hotworks die cast offers indestructibility and some cool things like engine and opening bonnet as you'd expect from DC stuff. The ability to change ride height, camber and wheel offset is also cool.

I guess PLA models off the ability to be more creative. The end result is delicate and the Aoshima body is very similar to the hot works design. Front bumper is a little different and the mirrors are probably more scale on the PLA version. Both have the Vertex rear bumper also, but I chose to omit this.

There's more detail like seatbelts in the DC version too but interiors are quite similar.

Original wheels were gram lights 57Pro in both, the HW versions are bigger (about 18") but Aoshima versions are shallow dish and not so attractive in a smaller single size.

So take your pick, I chose both. HAHA.

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