Tuesday, August 16, 2011


 Owner's Club 1/24 '82 Celica Supra, US Version.

It's built with the JDM interior, US fenders and finished with my own style influenced by shakotan and drifting.

Wheels are Fujimi 15" racing wheel and slick tyre series RS Watanabe. I'd like to imaging there's a 2JZ with 800hp powering this machine.

Colour is Tamiya TS-46 Light Sand. X-1 Gloss Black on the wheels. Decal's read su-pu-ra with no specific meaning.

You can't help but notice the pipes. Truely massive. I made a little mistake in the paint, but it works well as melted plastic near the exhaust. Under body detail is terrible in these models, but as a kerb-side model it's quite attractive. The working sunroof is a nice touch.

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