Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hotworks RX7 - Newera

Hotworks Fd3s Rx7 cutomised for Newera Imports

This is a Hotworks Apexi D1 car with the stickers removed

Major changes include

Scoot Bonnet
Autoexe Rear Wing
Knight Sports Rear Bumper
RE-Amemiya Front Splitter
Fujita Engineering Side Skirts
Mazdaspeed MS-01 Wheels
Underbody bracing
Lots of carbon,
Stickers and details

To see more and see the refresh build click past the jump.

 In 2004, I built this replica for my friend. The only major change then was the Scoot bonnet. Painstakingly filed and shaped with limited tools from the Apex-i bonnet, I made some pla plate vents and used a bit of putty to get the final appearance. The side skirts were pla plate covered with decal carbon. That's it.

In 2009 after Miguel added some parts to the REAL car, and after some kids had left their toll on the original, I refreshed the car with some more accurate panels.

And swapped out the gram lights for some MS-01

In 5 years, the number of products for modelers have increased 1000 fold. real looking stretchable carbon stickers were one item I used on this.

The results were pretty good,

 My carving on the R-Spec bumper came close to a knight sports design.

While the details are not 100% accurate, the basic styles are accentuated for impact rather than perfection.

Wrinkles here and there cracked paint etc, but the overall effect was pretty good. I layed a couple of layers of clear over the existing bright carbon bonnet for realism.

Below is the 1/1 version with some fat regamasters we tried one day.

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