Friday, July 7, 2000

Mazda FD3s 1/24 Lowering Techniques (Fujimi)

How do I get decent ride height on a Fujimi FD3s RX-7 1/24 Model? Here is one idea.

Let's look at the front.

remove the mounting pin from the top of the suspension dampers.
remove 1 coil from the spring.

The result should look like this.

Increase the size of the hole in the mounting position. (some cars will require slight reshaping of the upper side mounts when the body lowers.) Usually with different bonnet.

This is so the bigger damper top can slot in.

To compensate for the drop at the bottom.  Make two spacers for the lower suspension arms.

You can mount the body under the second tab instead of between the two mounting positions.
it should rest nicely on the rails.

About this high.

trim the tab from the inner portion of the rear disk rotor.
this allows the axle to sit lower. disk will be slightly off centre but hardly noticable.

There's a couple of extra pics from my post on AF

Rear should be a little lower.

Hope it helps.

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